Lost my strenght

There has never been a day which did not remind me of you.

Living without you was never dreamed or intended.

Your presence was like a bouquet of flowers and hopes.

Your sweet smell reminded me of purity like pine breeze.

You walked like a lion in stride and spoke in golden tunes.

Your stature was high in humble style with pearly veneer.

You taught us that life is precious when lived for others.

You never lost faith  and thanked for gifts of God.

I gained strength from you, and by living close to you.

That was how I felt when I was not far away from you.

Sure enough, I am losing my strength without you.



Virtues of Azeem


AZEEM WAS BESTOWED WITH THE GIFT OF LOVE FOR TODAY AND TOMORROW. If you disagree please comment. Otherwise recommend the following virtues to all friends:

Azeem  believed and lived by:::::: Love is patience; Love is  courtesy and not rude; Love is kindness; Love Is humility; Love does not envy; Love is not arrogant or rude; Love is not resentful; Love is not selfish; and above all LOVE is sincere.

Thank you my SON for teaching me about love. the most important factor of human life.

Out of the box

Well this is a real story of an out of the box experience. When u keep doing the same thing over and over again, you do run out of stream, as well as feel burnt out with passing years. Why do u burn out? Have you ever tried to know the reason of such feelings? I think most of us don’t want to touch this subject because we are scared to lose what we have.

Actually, it is not the case if we think differently, rather we would find new ways to do things if we train our brains to think differently.  With brain training, our past learning would remain there and we would start using more of the new areas in our brain, which we forgot to touch due to our daily routines.

You can try this out for yourself and in one months time you would feel the difference. There are many sites on the internet, where one can learn to train one’s brain. The programmes on these sites are targeted to stimulate our brains.

With time, you would feel new energy in yourself. Ultimately with practice, it would be a new you and the tired and old you would start disappearing. You would feel the difference in your feelings, thoughts and actions.

Such a new life is utmost necessary for those who have been doing the same thing over and over again, whether its a job, business or a hobby. Human beings needs change and it can only come if we are ready to experiment with our mind. Mind is the source of all energy and rejuvenation of mind is only possible, when you learn new things.

I am sharing this on my blog because i am one of the many millions who are benefiting from this marvelous experience. So best of luck and try training of your brain. Believe me it would be an out of box experience.  One of the sites you can go to is: Lumosity.com